Steredenn 2.5.0: Enigma Machine


We found a few bugs in the Daily Run and for some rarer screen aspect ratios. 💥 Boom, fixed. Done. Good job everyone. 🙏



  • Add more variety to Daily Run configurations.
  • Increase the chances to have the Fortress, Fury, Specialist or Red Baron in Daily Run configurations.

Bug fixes/technical stuffs

  • Fix a bug with the Red Baron and Specialist in Daily Run.
  • Fix a bug with portrait resolutions (e.g. 1080x1920).

Steredenn 2.4.1: See The Light

Small bug fixes update.

We will wind down Pixelnest Studio starting January 2019. We had an incredibly fantastic time doing Steredenn and other projects, but it's time for us to move on to other adventures.

Pixelnest Studio will still be alive (for at least a few years), and we'll keep supporting Steredenn, but it won't be our main activity anymore. 👋

It's not a sad ending, quite the contrary in fact: we prefer to end on a very positive note. 😊

You can read more in our journal.



  • Add Steam presence.

Bug fixes/technical stuffs

  • Improve Stasisgun/Stasisbot/Rocket Circus pooling.
  • Fix small animation issue with Lightsaber.

Steredenn 2.4.0: The Sixth Extinction

Guess we're all wrong sometime?

We thought the last big patch would be the last, but alas, some bugs crippled the game performances during high-end loops.

We fixed most of the bugs — well, we hope —, and since we were at it, we added some nice little things as well. Better late than never.

However, I should mention that, to correct some of these bugs, we also had to re-balance the loops and some items.

This shall be the last. Thanks again! Bye bye, wanderers.



  • Add screenshake setting.
  • The Red Baron starts the game with its own background (except if you let the full intro plays).

Bug fixes/technical stuffs

  • Improve performances in loops.
  • Improve performances of suicide bullets.
  • Rework the Stasisgun , Stasisbot, and Rocket Circus animation (the weird blue gel). This should fix most of the bugs that you encountered while using these weapons. And bonus: it's prettier.
  • Fix a crash when a Lightsaber hit an Heavy Shielder.
  • Fix stacking blockers on Mothership.
  • Fix a bug with Bots' ghosts being generated almost endlessly in specific conditions.
  • Fix Stars-less backgrounds.
  • Fix bugs with the Bulletstorm event.


  • Improve Hypergun. It deals way more damage against normal enemies. It's a bit weaker against bosses.
  • Improve Ultrabeam. Faster, larger, more predictable.
  • Ancient Power doesn't trigger suicide bullets in loops.
  • Tweak Battleship boss' first pattern.
  • Reduce number of blockers in loop 3+.
  • Reset the SUPERCHABAL and Asteroworm counters at the beginning of a loop.
  • Spawn more events in loops.
  • Improve the generation of suicide bullets.
  • Improve the generation of blockers in loops.
  • Rework enemies' bullets speed in loops.

Steredenn 2.3.1: Eternal Space

Small bug fixes update.

And a new batch of Binary Stars wallpapers — Enjoy!



  • Improved Chinese translations. Thanks to Daymare for his help!

Bug fixes/technical stuffs

  • Fix a bug with the Drillerbot's ghost.
  • Fix a bug with Japan translation.
  • Fix a bug on Fire Blaster's flames.
  • Fix a bug with the Razerblade's slot.
  • Optimize a bit in loops.
  • Fix a small exception on Cargos.
  • Fix a small exception on Boosterbots.
  • Fix a small exception on suicide bullets.


  • Remove the wave max time reduction on loops.

Steredenn 2.3.0: Eternity

Say hello to a new batch of bug fixes and other tweaks.

It's also time for us to say goodbye. 👋

This patch is probably the last big one. At this point, we think the game is in the shape we want, without big bugs remaining. There could always be more tweaks and changes to be done, but at a certain point, we have to stop. And we think that this patch is a good place to say it. 😉

It was a hell of a ride for us, and we want to thank you for playing Steredenn and Steredenn: Binary Stars! We never hoped to have a game this complete, polished and refined as it is now.

Read more on this Steam post.

Thank you. 🙏

Farewell, space wanderers.



  • Improve Specialist's weapon drops. It should scale more linearly and offer more variety.
  • Improve Japan translation.

Bug fixes/technical stuffs

  • Improve performances on Stasisgun, Stasisbot and Rocket Circus.
  • Disable leaderboards if a mod is detected.
  • Fix a bug where a Medkit was shown as a Laserbot with the Specialist.
  • Fix a bug where the Asteroworm combat combo bonus wasn't given.
  • Fix a bug with the main menu environment not cleaned properly.
  • Fix a bug with the vibration triggering while doing a pause on an upgrade/artefact.
  • Fix a bug with the seed in Coop making a player controls the other.
  • Fix a bug with the Shockwave and Heavy Shielder.
  • Fix a bug with the tutorial background.
  • Fix a bug with the Laser Shield not working when a daily was started with it.
  • Fix a bug with the Red Baron showing the bad button while hovering on an upgrade.
  • Fix a bug with the loop counter in the Pause.
  • Fix a bug with the trails not cleaned at the end of the SUPERCHABAL fight.
  • Fix a bug with the alien minion creating an infinite wave.
  • Fix a bug on some dodge waves not triggering the combo properly.


  • Tweak the Mothership in loops.
  • Tweak the Cruiser MK-II in loops.
  • The Shockwave detroys the Heavy Shielder's shield at full charge.
  • Asteroworm's rocks are instantly destroyed by the "Next-Gen Energy Weapons" upgrade. Like it should have always been. 🐛☄️

Steredenn 2.2.0: Next-Generation

Another big patch with many bug fixes and small improvements.

The main area we focused on is the special abilities of the Tempest and Fury. 🚀



  • Change Alien Threat trigger. This change allows the use of the Ancient Power in more builds, without requiring a fight against the Alien Threat. Have fun!
  • Show seed in Game Over (bottom center!).
  • Add keyboard input in Superplay (guaranteed only on Windows).
  • Improve Breton translation.

Bug fixes/technical stuffs

  • Fix the grenade animation of the Red Baron.
  • Fix an animation bug with lasers.
  • Fix a trail bug with the Red Baron in the Arena.
  • Fix a background bug after hyperspace.
  • Fix a bug where the Mothership never ended in the Arena.
  • Fix a bug with the Lightsaber and Gloryhammer.
  • Fix a bug with the Gloryhammer.
  • Fix a bug with Demuxbot and Gloryhammer pushing enemies too far away.
  • Fix a bug with many Drillerbots.
  • Fix a bug with bindings in settings.
  • Fix a bug with Chain Reaction cancelling suicide bullets.
  • Fix a bug with the destruction of suicide bullets.
  • Fix a bug with bots and Alien Threat boss.
  • Fix a bug with the Alien Threat not ending.
  • Fix a bug with the Minefield.
  • Fix a bug with the Daily Run daily unlocking.
  • Vanish bullets on Battleship's third pattern.
  • Vanish more bullets on destruction.
  • Improve some bots performances.
  • Improve performances of suicide bullets.
  • Improve Frag Missile and Rocket Circus performances on startup.
  • Improve seed generation.


  • Reduce Flamebot damage.
  • Balance Drillerbot.
  • Increase Ancient Power damage.
  • The "None" artefact has a smaller difficulty boost than the other (10% instead of 20%).
  • If you trigger several minibosses, the Red Baron fight is favored.
  • Reduce SUPERCHABAL speed boost in loops.
  • Tweak achievements.


  • Rework Tempest's special ability. It's a classic shockwave now. Simpler but better. Each weapon has a custom shockwave, changing the damage and area.


  • Add a few iframes when the Fury lands after using its special ability.
  • Increase the speed of the Fury's ghost (special ability).
  • Increase precision of the Fury's special ability.
  • Reduce the area of the explosions of the Fury's special ability.


  • Add a modal when a score is not sent.
  • Fix Boss Rush scores.
  • Fix a best score issue.

Nintendo Switch

  • Remove Applet Controller from the pause.

Steredenn 2.1.2: Course Correction

We hope that Steredenn: Binary Stars filled all your hopes and dreams!

But alas, there's no release without its usual list of small bugs! 😫

Fixed! Squashed! Here we go.


Bug fixes/technical stuffs

  • Fix co-op controllers issue (allow playing online with Parsec).
  • Fix Heavy Shielder and Ancient Power artefact bug.
  • Fix separator error in scores.
  • Fix Specialist unable to choose its weapons in Arena.
  • Fix double panels bug in the UI when using the bumpers.
  • Fix Red Baron being pushed outside of the screen.
  • Fix small typo.


  • Increase Red Baron laser damage.
  • Increase Red Baron bullet damage.
  • Reduce Frag Missile radius.

Steredenn 2.1.1: Orbit Correction

We continue with a bunch of small improvements and fixes, especially for Steam, Xbox One, and PS4 releases.

The main improvement is on the UI, where we finally found a way to improve retina screens support (offering us the chance to remove many hacks that were required with previous Unity versions). This is cleaner and better, yay. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️



  • Cinema mode is now permanent and you have to disable it manually in the settings.

Bug fixes/technical stuffs

  • Fix incorrect music (or no music) after a restart with the Specialist.
  • Fix tons of hacks in the UI, allowing us to handle resolution changes and retina screens correctly all the time.
  • Fix white noise sound staying after being defeated by the Nemesis.
  • Fix (again) bots and Autocannon targeting an out-of-screen enemy.
  • Fix a sound bug at the end of the Arena.
  • Fix a bug with Mines and generators.
  • Fix a bug with Shotgun and EMP mines.


  • Increase Helixer's side cannons damages.
  • Decrease Helixer's main cannon damage. Overall, the Helixer deals more damage.
  • Increase cooldown of Stasisbot.
  • Increase cooldown of Frag Missile.
  • Reduce movement speed of Frag Missile.
  • Change combo bonus of "SUPERMASSIVE GLORIOUS SURVIVOR" artefact.

Steredenn 2.1.0: Switching Guns

Finally! A new patch with many critical fixes and improvements for Binary Stars.

What's new?

To sum up quickly: we have increased the performances, slashed many bugs, improved the Specialist, reworked small lasers, destroyed tons of crashes, and added new contents.

It never ends! Like the universe… ha ha… ha? 🙄



  • Add 3 environments.
  • Rocks, mines, bulletmines, bumpers and other small explodable elements have a small movement.
  • Use bumpers on gamepads.
  • Improve first level's background. It's huuuge. The whole solar system. Waow. 😱😱😱
  • Improve loop first level's background.
  • Improve vibrations on gamepads (if supported). Way way better!
  • Improve texts.

Bug fixes/technical stuffs

  • Increase performances for bullets and Asteroid Fields.
  • Optimize Stasisbot and Stasisgun.
  • Use correct background for special bosses in Arena.
  • Handle language change in the settings in a smoother way.
  • Rework Arena starting animation.
  • Add Pro Controller support on PC.
  • Fix Tempest taking a normal weapon in its melee slot (which was not a viable strategy since the weapon was not useable, sorry).
  • Fix spamming bugs with the Tempest special ability.
  • Fix Garbage Collector cross pattern.
  • Fix some errors in texts.
  • Fix some bugs in Arena's game over.
  • Fix some starting weapons not considered unlocked by default.
  • Fix bug with two identical controllers considered the same in co-op.
  • Fix artefacts being dropped after the destruction of a miniboss in the Arena.
  • Fix the Rocket Circus' targeting during the Asteroworm fight.
  • Fix a rare date bug in Daily Run.
  • Fix Red Baron boss' trail not cleaned correctly during hypespaces.
  • Fix trails when the SUPERCHABAL is destroyed.
  • Fix mini-Garbage Collector trails.
  • Fix audio bugs.
  • Fix pesky misalignment issues for special ability UI.


  • Tweak Specialist for a better game experience. Changes below.
  • Bots under the Specialist Aura have a bigger shield radius.
  • Bots under the Specialist Aura are pushed back each time they get hit. You have to move to stay behind them. This is a big change, but it's a good one, don't worry. ;)
  • Specialist can stop freefalling Bots by coming near them.
  • Bots can target new enemies more quickly.
  • Ghost Bots (from Next-Gen Special) ignore the Specialist aura.
  • Remove Specialist passive bonus damage.
  • Reduce Fury special ability damage bonus.
  • Reduce Ninjabot damage.
  • Reduce Minirockets damage and increase cooldown.
  • Reduce Quick Reload bonus a bit.
  • Reduce Laserbot damage.
  • Balance Flamebot.
  • Increase Ancient Power damage.
  • Modify Cruiser MK2 patterns conditions.
  • Modify Gunbot boost mode.
  • Melee weapons don't trigger suicide bullets in loops.
  • Change damage type of Red Baron's spread weapon.
  • Improve heal speed of a health capsule.
  • Shieldbots last longer but can only be spawned twice with a bigger cooldown.
  • Shieldbots can stop laser.
  • Shieldbots don't destroy ally bots created near them.
  • Shieldbots are less vulnerable to collisions.
  • Shieldbots blink more when they are almost discharged.
  • Shieldbots last longer under the Specialist aura.
  • Rework Reflector to be more intuitive and easier to use.
  • Reflector shows an animation when fully charged.
  • Shield shows an animation when fully charged.
  • Shield stops small lasers.
  • Change probabilities on SUPERCHABAL and Asteroworm.
  • Increase cooldown of the Baygun.
  • Reduce number of bullets reflected by the Heavy Shielder.
  • Rename "Reconfigured Slot Design" to "Improved Reconfiguration System".

Nintendo Switch

  • Fix many crashes.
  • Improve UI in different modes.
  • Improve 1080p support.
  • Improve vibrations.
  • Improve performances.
  • Add ability to record movies (just hold the screenshot button). 😍

Known issues

  • The initial music (with specialist and baron) is incorrect or paused after a restart.

Steredenn 2.0.0: Binary Stars

After a year of work, we are excited to release Steredenn: Binary Stars, the hugely improved and massively expanded version of Steredenn.

This changelog, as you might expect, is a big one. This update changes so many things that we thought it deserved the big number increase.

  • The leaderboards will be erased. With the new scoring system and mechanics, it doesn't make sense to keep the current ones.

What's in this 2.0.0? The main highlights are:

  • 5 playable ships with a new special ability mechanic.
  • Local 2-players co-op mode.
  • And many more new and upgraded things. Read on for a detailed list.

It's a culmination of a ton of work from our part. This makes Steredenn an even better game: the experience has been enriched and diversified in many ways. I don't think we can really improve the game anymore (except for bugs — fixing bugs is a never-ending task like this game). Not in its current form anyways. ;)

Enough chit-chat, let's dive in!


A fair warning: this changelog is very exhaustive and contains SPOILERS. If you want a pure experience without knowing anything, don't read it. You have been warned. 😉


  • 5 playable ships.
  • Local 2-players co-op mode with special leaderboard.
  • Boss rush mode. Face a pre-selected roaster of bosses, and beat them! You can try as many times as you want, and your score will go ina special leaderboard. This is a weekly challenge.
  • Secret bosses. If you do a certain thing (Zhu Li, do the thing!), you will earn the privilege to fight against one of the secret bosses.
  • New music tracks: Binary Stars, Supermassive, Star Devourers. Listen on Bandcamp.
  • Cargos can drop Medkits and Ultramedkits. This is rare, but it can save you from an ineluctable death.


  • New ship: the "Tempest". This is actually the current existing ship — same speed, same health, same damages. Its special ability is to use a melee weapon as a third weapon. Taking a melee weapons has a real value now, without any handicap. Yes: you can have the cake and eat it!
  • New ship: the "Fortress". It's slow, it does less damages, but can absorb many more hits. Its special ability is a rain of homing rockets. There's no subtlety here: just rush into the battlefield. Everything is gonna be fine, trust us.
  • New ship: the "Fury". You got less health, but more damages. And this ship is fast! Its special ability is a teleport. Press the button, choose your target, and bam! You're there. If you quickly press the button, it will teleport a few light-years before you instantly. Because it's Steredenn, the teleportation is, obviously, explosive. If you teleport near an enemy ship, there's a good chance that you will wreck it.
  • New ship: the "Specialist". The master of Bots. This ship is radically different from the previous ones. You can only use Bots. If you orbitate near them, they will become invincible, so use them as a wall! Its special ability is a Boosterbot and you can only have one at a time. This Bot changes the behavior of the other Bots under its aura. For example, a Gunbot will fire a huge number of bullets in a larger cone, but will deplete faster. A Bot under the influence of the Boosterbot is not necessarily better, but its new behavior can be used to handle different situations. This is key to the gameplay of the Specialist. Try everybot, with or without the booster, and you will understand.
  • New ship: the "Red Baron". Like the Specialist, this ship is completely different. This time, you start the game with 4 abilities and that's all. No cargo, nothing else. The first ability is a spread gun to destroy light targets. The second ability is a huge laser. Yes, you read it right. A freaking huge laser!! This is your main weapon against medium targets. Finally, your last weapon is a grenade. You can charge it to launch it far away. The more you charge, the more damages it will deal. The last ability is not a weapon, but a Speed Boost. Move at an unparalled velocity and dodge everything, or re-deploy yourself quickly in better spots and fire at will!


  • 2 new bosses.
  • New boss: "Cruiser MK-II".
  • New boss: "Carrier MK-II".
  • 6 new secret bosses.
  • New secret boss: "Verdukul".
  • New secret boss: "An Old Friend".
  • New secret boss: "Garbage Collector".
  • New secret boss: "Alien Threat".
  • New secret boss: "SUPERCHABAL".
  • New secret boss: "The Red Baron".


  • The "Bullet" category has now 11 weapons, 12 with the default.
  • The "Energy" category has now 11 weapons, 12 with the default.
  • The "Heavy" category has now 11 weapons, 12 with the default.
  • The "Bot" category has now 10 weapons, 11 with the default, and 12 with the Boosterbot.
  • New "Bullet" weapon: "Helixer".
  • New "Bullet" weapon: "Hypershotgun". We had a shotgun. But no Hypershotgun. What a shame. This is fixed.
  • New "Bullet" weapon: "Sniper". Check the cursor: if you target a special area of an enemy, you can demultiply the damages you'll give.
  • New "Energy" weapon: "Fusion Blaster" (Fury's default weapon).
  • New "Energy" weapon: "Fusion Hyperblaster".
  • New "Energy" weapon: "Lightgun". A pulse of light rays.
  • New "Energy" weapon: "Ultrabeam". Take the Ultralaser, apply the reverse effect and bam: the Ultrabeam. Focus on an enemy, don't release your fire and watch it get bigger overtime.
  • New "Energy" weapon: "GLORYHAMMER". Faster than a laser bullet. 😎
  • New "Heavy" weapon: "Fire Blaster" (Fortress' default weapon).
  • New "Heavy" weapon: "Fire Hyperblaster". You might have understood now that we love the word Hyper?
  • New "Heavy" weapon: "Frag Missiles". If your big girl/boy doesn't reach its target, it will destructure itself into many homing missiles.
  • New "Heavy" weapon: "Lag Cannon". 😇
  • New "Bot" weapon: "Blasterbot" (Specialist's default weapon). Combine the three other default weapons for a devastating effect.
  • New "Bot" weapon: "Fusionbot".
  • New "Bot" weapon: "Demuxbot".
  • New "Bot" weapon: "Ninjabot". Trained in the dark art of stealth, your Ninjabots can conceal themselves into the Darkness of Space.
  • New "Bot" weapon: "Drillerbot". With the Specialist, you can hold them and create a huge stack of mini-drills.
  • New "Bot" weapon: "Laserbot".
  • New "Melee" weapon: "Razorblade" (Tempest's default special ability). Tiny but handy.


  • 4 new events.
  • New event: "Bumpers". A bumpy ride awaits you.
  • New event: "Bulletmines". Okay, mines were great. A bulletmine? More laughter!
  • New event: "Bulletstorm". At this point, a bulletstorm shouldn't surprise you, right?
  • New event: "Quantum Asteroid Field". We thought the Asteroid Fields were too easy and we should add a variant that can teleport. Because we can. 😎


  • Upgrades have a title and a description. This way, you can better understand the actual effect of an upgrade.
  • 5 new upgrades.
  • New upgrade: "Chain Reaction". When an enemy ship is destroyed, it creates a small shockwave. Which can trigger another shockwave.
  • New upgrade: "Guardian Angel". Prevent death once per level. Basically, it gives you another HP when you should have died the first time it happens.
  • New upgrade: "Heavy Armor". When you are hit by a bullet that does 3 (or more) damages, it reduces the amount you take by one.
  • New upgrade: "Ancient Power". Create an electric damage aura around you in a small radius.
  • New upgrade: "Next-Gen Special Ability". Boost your special ability. The effect depends on the ship you are using. The Tempest creates an additional shockwave when you use its melee weapon. The Fortress throws more missiles. The Fury deals damages before and after its teleportation. The Specialist can use two boosterbots, that gain the ability to mirror bots with a weaker ghost. The Red Baron becomes invulnerable for a few frames when using its Speed Boost, and throws mini-grenades with the bigger ones.
  • Artefacts: 7 deadly game modifiers that change the flow of the game. They also increases the difficulty.


  • New scoring system. Like the old one, but simpler. There is no type of wave anymore. If you destroy all the ships, you gain one combo, if you take no damage, you gain one combo. That's all.
  • Export your death gif (only on PC/Mac/Linux).
  • Add 14 incredible space environments.
  • Add 42 new waves.
  • Rework the background of the main menu and first level. This environment is huge. Have some time to lose? Wait and watch the main title screen.
  • Rework hyperspace animation. Smooth!
  • Rework pause UI. Pretty!
  • Update the tutorial with a special ability section.
  • Add new achievements on Steam.
  • Add new tips.
  • Add toast when a weapon, mode or ship is unlocked.
  • Animate rocks, mines and events a bit to make them more "alive".
  • Easter egg. 😘
  • Better cheat protection.
  • Improve many parts of the UI.
  • Add the ability to rebind all the controls and controllers.
  • Overall polish and optimisations.

Bug fixes/technical stuffs

  • Improve japanese translation.
  • Add traditional chinese translation.
  • Add a progressive screenshakes on Shotgun and Hypershotgun. Add junks too.
  • Make black overlays bigger to prevent a small 1px gap on the sides.
  • Fix double collider explosions.
  • Fix bot search animation bug.
  • And many other bug fixes.


  • We checked many upgrades to make them better interact with other aspects of the game. We squashed some bugs or missing effects there aswell.
  • Improve some enemies patterns in loops.
  • Improve "Score" upgrades.
  • Make later loops harder (5+). Why? The game wasn't scaling well enough past a certain number of loops. This was not interesting to watch or play.
  • Balance some patterns (bosses or standard enemies).
  • Balance "Reinforcements" upgrade.
  • Balance all bots (life, contact, duration, ammunitions, etc.).
  • Balance enemy shields mechanic. Before Binary Stars, shields were, most of the time, useless: you had a shield-breaking weapon, or the Shield Breaker upgrade, breaking them so quickly that you couldn't even see them. We reworked the shield in order to make them a real threat: even with the shield breaker or a shield-breaking weapon, they can represent a true danger.
  • Balance the bonus of each event. They give way more points now. This reflects the fact that they make the game really more difficult and require a real reward if you can survive them.
  • Balance Flamethrower. Still powerful, but a bit more restrained against certain types of enemies.
  • Rework the Shockwave. The old Shockwave was not a bad weapon, but we were not happy with the feeling. We tried to keep what made the Shockwave a useful weapon, but this time, it's also fun to use.
  • Rework the Stasisgun and Stasisbot. They are more Flamethrower-like now. And better. Because they were not.
  • Rework the Lightsaber. The old one was ugly and the feeling was even worse. This time, you got a real lightsaber: quick, pretty and powerful. Throw back all the bullets!
  • Rework melee weapon mechanic. It's more robust, but it changes the tempo quite a bit.
  • Ultrawarrior achievement is extended to all ships.
  • And many other balance tweaks.

Fiouu. I think this is it.


We hope that Steredenn: Binary Stars will please you as much as we enjoyed creating this expansion. Whether you are a new player or an experienced one, we think that you will find enough new contents and features to motivate you to play the game, once again or for the first time.

Let's end with some statistics (from February 22nd, 2018):

  • The "first" commit (that started Binary Stars) is dated to March 2, 2017. So, almost a full year.
  • We made 1954 commits since this first commit.
  • We made 8891 commits since the beginning of Steredenn. Before Binary Stars, we were at 6937 commits (+28%).
  • We wrote 63506 lines of C# code. Before Binary Stars, we were at 47339 lines (+34%).
  • We drew 8813 sprites. Before Binary Stars, we were at 5761 sprites (+52%).
  • There's a total of 40 667 664 pixels in those sprites. Before Binary Stars, we were at 31 341 674 pixels (+29%). I can't get an exact calculation without the transparency, but this averages to more than 8 millions non-transparent pixels.
  • We moved 552 cards in our Trello board, only for Binary Stars.
  • We use Unity 2017.3. We started with Unity 4.3. This means many migrations throughout the lifetime of the game.