Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: Binary Stars what?

Steredenn: Binary Stars is the name of this massive expansion. Steredenn: Classic is the game you already know (and love! 😉).

FAQ #2: You said that the final release of Steredenn was exactly what you wanted to do with the game. U lied?

We were (and still are) very proud of Steredenn: Classic. The game was everything we wanted it to be.

But after listening to our community, and thinking about the game again and again, we thought that we could do even better. We took the time to really analyze the game once more, and devise a plan about what could be a great Steredenn expansion. That's how Binary Stars was born.

FAQ #3: Okay, great. Whatever. So, what's in for me?

  • A local two-players co-op mode. This was initially planned for Steredenn: Classic, but because we didn't have the time and didn't anticipated it in the code, we decided to ditch it for the first release. This was the only thing we dearly missed and regretted. But no more: you can finally play Steredenn with your mate or best friend, and test the hardness of your relationship. Indeed, there's only one lifebar for the two players!
  • Five playable ships. This was the number one request we got. People wanted more ships to play with. We thought about this for quite some time, and decided on a roaster of 5 different ships (well, 4, the last one is a bit of a secret). Each ship has its own playstyle (more or less life, more or less damages, speed, etc.) and, more importantly, a special ability. This special ability is a huge departure from the original game: it adds one more button to the control scheme. This might be the biggest and most-breaking change, even if it doesn't look like it. We won't spoil what they do, but they are pretty fun.
  • The original ship, now called the "Tempest", can deliver a close-combat punch with its special ability. We loved our melee weapons in the original game. However, they were really difficult to use and took one weapon slot, making the combination weaker than the rest. After observing the players, we knew that it was not working as much as we wanted. That's why we decided to make the special ability of our original ship a melee attack: it can save you in a difficult situation, give you more options, but it does not take a weapon slot. This is very powerful. It's time to give back a place in our heart for the melee weapons!
  • A new mode: the Boss Rush. It's a weekly challenge, with a selection of bosses each week, and a special leaderboard. Like the Daily Run, except you can play as many time as you want.
  • Tons of new weapons and upgrades. Each category has the same number of weapons, so each strategy is viable now. We also reworked some of the old weapons. The Shockwave and the Stasisgun are way better now, for example. More combinations = more fun!
  • New bosses, new landscapes, new music tracks, new waves, new scoring system, and an improved balance. Fiouu.
  • Unlocks! A problem of the original game was the lack of progression. Almost everything was unlocked from the beginning. This was too bad, because we all love to unlock new things as we play the game more and more. In Steredenn: Binary Stars, you will find a new motivation to play: you can unlock new ships, weapons, modes and bosses throughout the game.
  • Cargos can, sometimes, drop health capsules. This is rare, obviously. 😘
  • We also refined every aspect of the game: the UI, the flow, some animations, sounds and GFX, etc. For example, the explanation of the upgrades is clearer, and you shouldn't make any bad decision now. You can also remap your controllers the way you want: you have the complete control.
  • And, last, but not least, 6 new radically different secret bosses. We won't tell you how to find them, of course. If you beat one of them, you can choose a game modifier to twist the game in a new interesting way. 😋

And there's more. We will publish a detailed changelog when the expansion is out, the 8th.

It's huge. It's a culmination of one year of work. And it makes Steredenn an almost brand new game for us. That's not to say that Steredenn: Classic was bad — we are prouder than ever of what we accomplished with the original game, and still think it's a worthwhile game in its own.

FAQ #4: Well, that's cool, but I want Binary Stars on my current platform!!

Great, Steredenn: Binary Stars is available on all major platforms we supported for Steredenn: Classic — Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and iOS! Plus, the Nintendo Switch, of course.

Don't worry, we will update the game everywhere: Steam, Xbox One and PS4. We have no release date for the moment, but it's coming.

We are deeply focused on the Nintendo Switch version and release right now. We will communicate later about the plan for the other platforms. Remember: we are a very small team and our bandwidth is limited. We have to pick our priorities carefully.

We plan to bring Binary Stars to iOS after the other platforms too. Because of the strong constraints of the platform, we will need more time to adapt it in a way that fits the devices.

FAQ #5: I already played 1000 hours of Steredenn. Is it for me?

Thanks! You can re-experience the game with new ships, bosses, weapons and upgrades. There's enough new content to unlock to make a new playthrough worthy of your time, don't worry.

Besides, we have added 6 secret bosses (and 1 hard-to-unlock ship), that will require your skill to find and beat them. This is a content specially crafted for hardcore players like you.

And if you have a Nintendo Switch, you can bring Steredenn: Binary Stars with you all the time, and play another 1000 hours! :)

FAQ #6: I like Steredenn the way it is!

We do too. We are still thinking that the core experience of Steredenn is exactly what we wanted to do.

And that's why this expansion is "additive". The game is still the same in the end, but with many many more layers on top, making it bigger, richer, and ultimately, better.